Here I have listed some of the most common glossary of computer terms. The brain of the computer, the main component that does all the processing and number crunching. Access: To obtain or retrieve information from a storage device. As the vital link between care providers, payers, and patients, the RHIA is an expert in managing health records, administering computer systems, collecting and analyzing patient data, and using classification systems and medical terminologies. Glossary of business terms - A to Z. It refers to how the information is shared over the internet. An interface on a computer that supports transmission of a single bit at a time; can be used for connecting almost any type of external device including a mouse, a modem, or a printer. A-H I-Z. Science is a very vast subject that has innumerable words, terms, definitions, etc. Zip: To compress a file or files into one file. Zone system A method of planning film exposure… Internet is the largest wide area network in the world which links millions of computers. This glossary of computer hardware terms is a list of definitions of terms and concepts related to computer hardware, i.e. A. Adobe; Acrobat; Algorithm; AMD; Android; API; Apple; Application; Analog; B. Zip To compress a file or files into one file. Zone focusing A method of focusing the lens so that the depth of field extends over a preselected range of distances. Online If a computer (or computer user) is online, it is … Posts about Z written by computerglossary. the physical and structural components of computers, architectural issues, and peripheral devices. The second option for creating a glossary is to use the Table of Authorities function. Handy definitions of financial and economic jargon - from libor and quantitave easing to black swans and dead cat bounces. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Computer shabdawali pdf, हिन्दी संगणक शब्दावली, Hindi Computer Terminology, Glossary of Computer In Hindi (कम्प्यूटर शब्दावली), Computer Glossary, basic computer terms and definitions, basic computer terminology pdf, computer terminology for bank exams pdf A. server: A computer that is responsible for responding to requests made by a client program (e.g., a web browser or an e-mail program) or computer. Computer Glossary. A. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hardware. Read-Only Memory (ROM) aglet (agile applet) - In computer technology, an aglet (or "agile applet") is a small application program or applet with the capability to serve as a mobile agent of services in a computer network. Megahertz is the unit used to measure the speed of a computer's processor (e.g. Random Access Memory (RAM) Short term memory of the computer. Compre A to Z computer Glossary In English (English Edition) de Kumar Saraswat, Narendra na Students examine 12 glossary pages, each with a technology verb. Home; विषय अनुसार नोट्स. Code version control is the management of changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information. Most web addresses start with 'http' or 'https'. Active Window: In the Windows Operating system an active window is the current window that you are working on. You can use these definitions wherever a term appears on other pages by linking to the glossary. Computer hardware describes the physical parts of a computer, including the screen, mouse and keyboard. Computer Terms Dictionary – Developed by the Tips4pc community. An attempt to gain unauthorised access to a computer or account. Trackball Input device that controls the position of the cursor on the screen; the unit is mounted near the keyboard, and movement is controlled by moving a ball. The following article has a glossary list that will help you understand these difficult scientific terms and definitions at a glance.Just read on the following glossary to get a quick idea about some interesting terms. The Windows in the background are not active. In this language arts activity, students look up and write meanings for 7 words pertaining to computer technology. This My Pocket IT Glossary A-Z of Computer Words--Verbs Worksheet is suitable for 5th - 6th Grade. In this vocabulary worksheet, students learn 12 IT words which are verbs pertaining to computers. Option 2: Table of Authorities. Look through your glossary, remove any duplicates, and format your list however you like (by bolding the terms, for example). Commonly used to reduce the size of a file to speed up transmission over the Internet. http/https. कंप्यूटर फंडामेंटल्स; एम् एस ऑफिस. A glossary of computer terminology Application (sometimes shortened to ‘app’) Computer software, also known as a ‘program’ or ‘app’ that performs a task or set of tasks, such as word processing or drawing. Tech terms that start with [J] - Computer Dictionary of Information Technology Fast, volatile memory that the computer uses to compute the more immediate processes. Tue 26 Nov 2013 18.00 EST. Changes are identified by a number or letter code, termed the “revision number". Computer User's Dictionary: A-Z Glossary of Computer Terminology: Que Corporation: Books Glossary (A-Z) page template Use the glossary page template to create a set of A-Z links at the top of your page followed by terms and definitions in alphabetical order. From 'algorithm' to 'zip': A vocabulary list (word bank) of words and common phrases about computers. 2.8Ghz) Modem A modem is a device that allows computers to transmit information to each other via ordinary telephone lines. A-C | D-F | G-K | L-O | P-S | T-Z: Telnet A way to communicate with a remote computer over a network. A to Z Computer Glossary In Hindi (Hindi Edition) eBook: Kumar Saraswat , Narendra : Loja Kindle *RHIA certification candidates must hold a … Once the power is switched off, everything inside the RAM will be lost. This My Pocket IT Glossary A-Z of Computer Words 2 Worksheet is suitable for 5th - 6th Grade. Internet. Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. Buy Computer User's Dictionary: A-Z Glossary of Computer Terminology by Que Corporation (ISBN: 9780880225885) from Amazon's Book Store. Applications, apps or programs can be thought of as electronic ‘tools’ for doing electronic jobs. It is a core function and fundamental component of computers. Android A to Z: A glossary of Android jargon and technical terms ... Android Debug Bridge, is a developer tool that lets you send commands to an Android device you’ve connected to your computer. Commonly used to reduce the size of a file to speed up transmission over the Internet. There are 5 empty boxes for new words that students may encounter when using technology. This glossary of computer science is a list of definitions of terms and concepts used in computer science, its sub-disciplines, and related fields, ... Computer data storage is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media that are used to retain digital data. All the Computer Abbreviations have been listed in the Alphabetical Order for easy understandings, all the competitive exam (like bank, ssc and ibps exam) candidates will surely boost their knowledge base after going through with all the listed Computer Full Forms. A small program that plays when you're not using your computer screen, so that the screen is obscured from view. Atlas » Learn more about the world with our collection of regional and country maps. Computer dictionary abbreviations, definitions, glossary, and terms beginning with the letter A like address bar, absolute path, AGP, ALU, ASCII, and antivirus. I am not saying that this is a complete list; however, these are the most popular computer terms found on the net. You can access a hard drive to use files that are stored there.